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Find a Buddy

Our Find a Buddy project is available to individuals affected by CRPS. This includes people diagnosed with CRPS, as well as their families and friends.

Please share with us a brief description of yourself (age, gender, interests, etc.) and what you’re looking for in a buddy. Remember to include how CRPS impacts your life so that we can match you with a buddy in a similar situation.

Examples include:

  • someone diagnosed with CRPS, someone whose child is diagnosed with CRPS, someone whose sibling is diagnosed with CRPS, etc.
  • Male or female
  • Young adult (18-38), middle aged (39-59), senior (60+)
  • Funny, silly, sarcastic, serious, kind, optimistic, compassionate, etc.
  • Passionate about learning, cooking, traveling, science, etc.
  • Likes to knit, draw, sing, explore, fish, laugh, etc.
  • Loves dogs, cats, birds, horses, etc.

Find a Buddy